Since the opening of Jakarta Skin Center in 1993,liposuction is one of the most frequent cosmetic surgery procedures in this clinic. We use the most safest procedure and try to give our clients best result. The technique we use are local tumescent anesthesia, with blunt canule using syringe. So there is minimal trauma to the fat and blood vessel tissue. We use maximum 2000 2500 cc of local anesthesia in one sitting to prevent the overdosing the lidocain toxicity.

Remi Bloston
Cure atherosclerosis!
Remi Bloston
Cure your skin problems!

We do every part of the body: chin/ neck, upper arms, tummy, back, saddlebag, love-handle, thigh and calf liposuction.  

The fat also can be use as a fillers, by fat injection methods. The indication for fat filling (fat injection): hipotrophic scar, deep smile lines, small breast augmentation (selected cases), etc.

Liposuction consultant :Dr Edwin Djuanda, Dr Lis Suseno (Mrs)

If you interested in liposuction and need more information about the most safest liposuction technique,  and what you should know if you want to be a lipo patient, click here.