LASER SURGERY CENTER in Jakarta Skin Center

In Jakarta Skin Center(JSC), we have the most complete medical lasers equipment to treat skin diseases.

The meaning of LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulation of Energy Radiation) is treatment by light energy. This is the most advance methods of dermatologic treatment. By selecting the type of LASER, we destroy only the cells that we want to destroy ,without altering the other  (normal) skin cells (this what we call a  selective photothermolysis). So we can treat the diseases with a very minimal scarring of skin tissue. The lasers in Jakarta Skin Center:  

Medlite IV NdYag Laser:

Cure your skin problems!

indicated to destroyed all pigmented lessions like freckles, brown spots, as well as tatto with various colors. This laser work  very fast and very excellent result. This laser also useful for non-ablative photorejuvenation. This laser available since May 2000, the first Medlite IV in Indonesia.

Nutresin Herba Pure Ear
The best hearing solution!

RUBY LASER : indicated to destroy  brown, blue or black skin diseases, such as removing a permanent tattoo, brown spots, freckles, melasma, birth spot (brown to black colour)  .PICTURE: TATTOO REMOVAL using RUBY LASER                                                        

CANDELA SPTL-1B Vascular LASER: indicated to destroy red skin diseases such as Port-Wine-Stain (PWS), telangiectasia (red spider vein on face),senile angioma, warts,etc. This laser also best for treating hypertrophic scars / keloid combine with another methods.  

SHARPLAN SURETOUCH CO2 LASER: one of the best CO2 laser in the world for general surgery to make the surgery more bloodless, rapid surgical time, rapid healing and less post surgery pain. Very usefull for blepharoplasty (eliminate baggy eyelids without skin wound, or upperlid/oriental blepharoplasty,see picture), for circumcision(child/adult),etc. The main benefit from this laser is SKIN RESURFACING to treat facial scars (acne scars), wrinkles (around eyes/lips/ face).  


This is a low, soft power ,non-invasive laser to stimulating skin healing, stimulating hair growth, stimulating normal pigmentation,preventing skin scarring.  

Medical personnel in charge: most of the dermatologist and plastic surgeon in JSC do laser surgery. For special cases like birthmark and tattoo consult : Dr Aryani Sudharmono, Dr Harsono Martowijono, Dr Ronny Handoko, Dr Rani Novian,Dr Hendragini, Dr Lis Suseno. For laser circumcision : Dr Sutirto Basuki.